Are you looking for an alternative to a residential treatment center/ eating disorder treatment center for eating disorder treatment?  Are you interested in being treated at home or individually, rather than in a group setting? Have you recently discharged from a residential program and you would like to have a smoother “glide path” as you return to life?  Recovery by Design may the program you are looking for. 
For those interested in using FBT as the foundation of their treatment, this is an all-inclusive package, that offers the same services found in FBT and Enhanced FBT but allows for more intensive meal support in the home, plus additional services to increase the intensity of the treatment experience and provide a greater level of support for the client and the family. All services will be provided on an outpatient basis in Miami, either in the clinicians’ office or the services will be provided in your home (or lodging while you are in Miami). This personalized service can be used by families who are willing to be involved on a daily basis in the treatment of the person diagnosed with an eating disorder, to help clients and their families transition out of residential care and back to life at home, for clients who have slipped and would like to try to do the work outside of a treatment center with support from family, and for those who live in communities where access to qualified eating disorder professionals is limited.
Recovery by Design, an alternative to eating disorder treatment centers, may also be appropriate for individuals who would like to do treatment alone. However, it is recommended that these individuals identify at least one support person who will be intimately involved in their care, if possible. 

Your fees for Recovery by Design will cover the costs of meal support, office visits with the ED physician, a psychiatrist, appointments with Dr. Boyers, psychologist, appointments with the nutritionist, and several hours of therapeutic services provided in the home. Also included is the coordination of these appointments and coordination of the care by the team. Once you are approved for the program, you will be assigned a program coordinator, who will be your point person for any questions or concerns. This coordinator will be responsible for scheduling your appointments and keeping you informed of your treatment schedule on a daily basis. This package will not include or cover the cost of lab work, hospitalization (if required), medications, medical tests, visits to specialty doctors (such as gastroenterologists, dermatologists, or endocrinologists), psychological testing, food, lodging, or transportation. Should you require any of these non-covered services, we will happily help you arrange these services and you will pay for these services directly, not through Recovery by Design. For families travelling to Miami to participate in this program, it is highly recommended that you stay close to South Miami (in particular, south of Downtown Miami). We are happy to assist you in finding something that suits your needs.

While prices will vary according the services that a family requests, below is an example of a basic package that will help you determine if this is an appropriate program for you.
The first week will involve your initial evaluations with your clinical team. Before you start with the personalized services, you must first complete 2 sessions with Dr. Boyers to determine if you are appropriate for this treatment.  In addition, you will be required to have a full medical evaluation by one of our physicians, who will determine if you are medically stable enough to be treated outpatient.  Initial evaluation, (prior to commencement of full services) cost: $1000

Once you are cleared to participate, your fee for the evaluation will be applied to the cost of your package.  

Day 1: Intake with Dr. Boyers and medical evaluation

Day 2: Followup session with Dr. Boyers

Day 2 – 4: Daily meal support (3 meals a day), initial evaluation with nutritionist

Day 5 – 7: Meet with secondary therapist, psychiatrist, 2 meals a day in home meal support, possible medical follow up. Home phlebotomy as needed.

Week 1 includes 24 hours of meal support (not 24/7 but 24 hours spread out over the course of the week)

2 Sessions with Dr. Boyers
Meal support as requested by family
Medical follow up
Psychiatry follow up
2 Nutrition sessions
1 Secondary therapy session
6 Hours therapeutic services in home
Home phlebotomy as needed

Our alternative to an eating disorder treatment center / residential treatment centers package of 2 weeks costs $16,500.00.

What’s next? We understand what you’re going through, Dr. Amy Boyers is a top eating disorder and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT therapy) psychologist Miami ready to help you. She treats patients dealing with: Binge eating, bulimia, anorexia, compulsive eating, anxiety, depress, mood disorders, and many others. Schedule a consultation so that we can learn more about you and your needs. Or call us at 786.235.9000


Dr. Boyers is currently available for second opinions and consultations only. She is not available to take on therapy cases at this time but is willing to provide a consultation and help you find an appropriate team or resources in the community.