Creating a treatment program, whether it is small, local intensive outpatient program or a larger residential program that has national reach, that has a clear and distinct clinical philosophy is crucial for success in this growing and competitive market. It can be challenging to provide comprehensive treatment that is creative, personalized, and cutting edge while also making it accessible and affordable to your clients.  Additionally, having staff that are capable of delivering high quality services that are consistent with the clinical philosophy often requires a level of attention to detail that many treatment center owners are not able to provide to their staff due to the many responsibilities they have beyond clinical care. 


I provide consulting services to those who are seeking to develop a treatment center or who already have a treatment center.  These services can be packaged in a variety of ways, including hourly clinical supervision of individual staff members to enhance their clinical skills and development, or weekly or monthly hourly commitments, which can be helpful to those who are seeking to develop clinical protocols or are expanding their centers.  I work closely with treatment center owners to help them achieve their goals of providing innovative and caring programs. In addition to offering a variety of clinical consultation services, I am particularly focused on helping programs find ways to work more collaboratively with their clients’ support networks and with their referral sources. Furthermore, I also look closely at how management supports the clinical staff so that they are able to provide a high level of care and feel safe in making complex decisions.


  • Program development
  • Recruitment and hiring of clinical staff
  • Development and implementation of training programs
  • Integration of evidence based treatments
  • Quality assurance of clinical services and clinical staff
  • Assistance in creating or enhancing clinical protocols and procedures
  • Ethical consultations
  • Clinical emergency management protocol development and consultation

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Dr. Boyers is currently available for second opinions and consultations only. She is not available to take on therapy cases at this time but is willing to provide a consultation and help you find an appropriate team or resources in the community.