There are times when individuals are so overwhelmed by their symptoms that they are unable to make adequate progress in outpatient therapy. and need inpatient eating disorder treatment.  Making the decision to go to a higher level of care is a very difficult one and requires serious reflection on the part of the client and their support network.  This decision is particularly excruciating for parents who have a child or young adult.  Aside from being separated from your loved one, there are fears about how your child will respond to the therapeutic environment at a treatment center, about how your child will be treated by those working in the center, and about whether or not the treatment will even be helpful.  This is why working with a clinician who not only understands what the criteria are for admission to a higher level of care but also has relationships with high quality centers is crucial to make sure you or your family member is placed in an appropriate treatment center.


Sometimes, a referral to a inpatient eating disorder treatment center occurs in the context of outpatient therapy.  In other cases, individuals or families may come in for an evaluation in order to determine if this step is necessary and to explore all treatment options.  And for others, I have the opportunity to meet them after they have completed a program and they are looking to re-integrate back into their lives.   It is important when making such a commitment, that it is a thoughtful and well-planned process and I am happy to bring my years of experience working with individuals and families at all levels of care to the table to help you make an informed decision and create a thorough treatment plan.

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Dr. Boyers is currently available for second opinions and consultations only. She is not available to take on therapy cases at this time but is willing to provide a consultation and help you find an appropriate team or resources in the community.