Group psychotherapy provides a unique environment for therapeutic growth for individuals who are seeking a new experience.  According to Irving Yalom, in his classic book The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, it instills hope and creates a sense of universality of experience that is not always possible in individual therapy.

Running psychotherapy groups is one of my passions and I believe they make an important contribution to one’s recovery process. Being able to examine your own behavior, experiences, and struggles not only through the eyes of a clinician, but with others who have had similar histories, is extremely powerful. A well-run psychotherapy group can add tremendous depth to the work you are seeking to achieve. As a psychologist, I have been privileged to watch individuals share and overcome some of their most challenging issues in the context of a group and seek to incorporate groups for my clients when possible. Over the course of my career, I have run a variety of groups including, cognitive-behavioral stress management, groups for mood management, smoking cessation, various eating disorder-related groups, groups for parents and caregivers, and process groups. Please check with me directly to find out what groups are currently running in my practice. You may also make a request for a specific type of group and I will make every effort to either start that group or find it for you in the community.

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