In addition to working with clients who are struggling with eating disorders, addiction, or serious mental health concerns, I also provide services to family members who are struggling to understand the disorder, how treatment works, the recovery process, and how to best support their loved ones. Sometimes families, in their attempts to be helpful, can develop patterns that inadvertently increase symptoms in their loved one, reinforce maladaptive coping skills, cause more distance in their relationship, or prevent the individual from successfully separating from the family. This is extremely common and it takes time and expertise to help families develop new ways of relating to one another in order.

In some cases, I am treating the individual who has the mental health concerns, in others I am not. In the event that I am working with the individual, we will discuss a treatment plan that respects the boundaries and therapeutic process of this person in advance to make sure that it is not compromised by bringing in the family. In general though, families are anxious to learn more and the client seeking treatment finds it helpful to have their families more informed about the recovery process. In the event that your loved one is seeking treatment with another clinician, or is in a treatment center, families report that having a private space to work through their own feelings and experiences is helpful in reducing their stress and increasing their efficacy while their loved one is working to recover. I will, with your permission and the permission of your loved one, work with the clinical team who is treating your loved one to ensure that our work is in synch with theirs and to ease the transition of your loved one back into the family upon discharge. These services are available remotely, via telephone or video-conference, which can be helpful for working families or those who are travelling to visit their loved one who is in treatment away from home.

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Dr. Boyers is currently available for second opinions and consultations only. She is not available to take on therapy cases at this time but is willing to provide a consultation and help you find an appropriate team or resources in the community.