Treatment planning is an important part of any therapy experience, regardless of whether or not you attended a program or just individual therapy on an outpatient basis. Before one can create an appropriate treatment plan, however, one must be clear on the diagnosis or diagnoses.


Often, a thorough diagnostic evaluation has not been performed and this can result in needless services or ineffective treatment. If you believe that you have not received a proper diagnosis, or if in the course of our first few sessions together we jointly decide that your diagnosis needs further clarification, we may agree to send you to another clinician for psychological testing. Although this is not necessary in most cases, I do have relationships with a variety of psychologists in miami, therapists in miami, and programs who are equipped to do such testing. Once we are clear on what exactly requires treatment, we can map out what your treatment will likely entail. This is a collaborative process where a number of important factors are taken into consideration, including availability of these services close to where you live, cost, efficacy, the client’s readiness or willingness to use the recommended services, and the willingness of other clinical service providers to communicate regularly about your care. 

Examples may include adjunctive services with other providers in the community or coordinating your discharge from a treatment facility. No matter what the situation, having clear treatment goals, access to appropriate therapeutic resources, and close monitoring of the treatment plan is always a part of the services that I provide to all of my clients. I take a very active role in coordinating my clients’ care and speak frequently to the other providers involved in your care so that you can make the most of your treatment. In addition, we will have frequent conversations about your treatment, regardless if it is only with me, or if you are working with a team, to evaluate your progress and satisfaction with your care.

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Dr. Boyers is currently available for second opinions and consultations only. She is not available to take on therapy cases at this time but is willing to provide a consultation and help you find an appropriate team or resources in the community.